Monday, June 7, 2010

A New Journey...On His Way

Marvin Leroy Knipfer
January 30, 1935 - June 7, 2010

I am happy for our dearest friend, Marv Knipfer, today…he went to be with his Father and has by now, probably had every unanswered question answered – or really, did he even care once he got to heaven? Marv was quite sure all our questions would no longer matter once we got there.

A while ago he shared a dream he had had with a vision of heaven…and right now his soul and spirit are living in that dream, I picture him looking down from on high to a waterfall below – Jesus is showing him around (guessing that the figure in Marv’s dream was He) – in the valley below flowers are blooming and there are countless people for as far as one could see. Today is the day he “woke up the happiest man alive” (Marv’s words), he had always wanted to die in his sleep.

Since Good Friday Marv has had a remarkable comeback- due in large part, we are sure, to the prayers of everyone who has been Marv’s prayer warrior. We THANK YOU for your prayers on his behalf.

The Lord blessed he and Carol with quality time as they resumed their walks almost daily, resumed attending worship services, and he became quite sharp in his conversation again, with a few not so good days here and there as expected. We too, were blessed – to be able to visit with Marv again and have him worship beside us. On Saturday Marv came down with what seemed flu-like, yet strangely different - now I realize it was probably his body shutting down.

Carol had said Marv did not really wake up this morning. She called Dr. J who came over to the house. His vitals were taken and Dr. J figured that sometime during the night Marv had had a massive heart attack. Marv had told his doctor a long time ago that when the time came he wanted to be told. Well, while Dr. J was there Marv came to, just long enough for Dr. J to tell him it was time. Carol got in one last hug and Marv took his last breath.

“But God will redeem my life from the grave, He will surely take me to himself.” Psalm 49:15

Our own family shared some time tonight to talk about Marv, share a favorite story, reminisce. Abby took the news the best. The "best" meaning she had a moment of sadness, but took her dad's words to heart when he said we should celebrate Marv's life. We have a little Monarch caterpillar in a container munching on milkweed, Abby went over to check him out and announced that he was up on his hind legs "cheering for Marv!" Our little girl is such a happy spirit... nothing seems to get her down for long!

I almost hestitated to tell the kids tonight as Kyle is quite nervous about having to give a presentation on water ecology tomorrow in front of his entire class block, I figured this news would not help. For sure I did not want Kyle to hear the news from someone else, plus his mom is a little weird with the red eyes tonight. (LOL) Kids are pretty smart. His class bowls Friday and he has been looking forward to that, but he really wants to attend the funeral as well. I don't figure the timing is going to work out for that, and he will have to choose. I know that Marv doesn't even want a funeral - it is a LIFE CELEBRATION. It would be good for Kyle to hear that...that we celebrate the live of a believer who has gone to be with his Lord. Please say a prayer for our son - he has never ever liked to be up in front of people. Marv will be looking down upon him, I am sure.

I have so many fond memories of Marv - and I will never forget the road trip he and I took to the Twin Cities to be trained to lead an Alpha course at our church. He shared so much about his past, his faith journey, and confident of the journey ahead as we were to lead others to Christ. Together we came up with some pretty hot ideas to light the Spirit under the seats of our congregation...but alas, our pastor told us the congregation was not ready for the two of us. (Imagine, we were not allowed to use that paper magicians use to create a quick little fire up on the altar as a visual for a talk...hmmmm, wonder why?) We were quite a team when it came to planning our little worship service called Inspiritus! He was my mentor, my "Eeyore" - had to get on his case when he put on that hat, my encourager, and my friend. Dang, I am going to miss that man, and while I shed a tear or several, he is wondering "what the heck girl, I am having a great time dancing up here!"