Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Update

I know I did not post last week, but we have been meeting with Marv on Monday evenings.

I was thrilled to get my printed books from My Publisher this past weekend. I feared I would not get the project done in time, what a relief!

Marv received his book yesterday, his story, and was speechless. Which is a good thing in this case. (LOL) He is eating again, not much, but enough to keep him going. Although he said several times how ready he is to go to heaven - he is excited to be going there. I just pray that excitement holds off happening until the new year and then some! I admit, he makes me a little jealous that he is going to get to go to heaven so soon - we all are excited to go!

Marv and Carol gave us a book they have been reading called "Heaven" - and Marv wrote a message on the inside of the book. What a treasure to have his hand-writing. Of course I am going to photograph and scrap a page about it.

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