Saturday, November 14, 2009

2nd Photo Shoot with Marv

Today I needed to do a retake of Marv's daughter Cindy with him, as the photos from Tuesday did not turn out. Being that it is Saturday, the kids were able to go with. I really wanted a photo of each of them with Marv. Photos are so important to preserve memories.

Case in point, this week I attended a ladies gathering with the mother of a young lady who spent her entire summer babysitting our kids. This was about three years ago. The sitter had found a litter of baby mice, and actually fed them formula. For a couple of weeks these tiny mice went everywhere, including our home - which rather made me squeamish, but I knew the little pinkies would not escape and run off. They had to be hand fed every hour, and what a lesson for the kids on the work of caring for little creatures! When we were visiting Abby was asked if she remembers Brooke sitting for us and feeding the baby mice...and Abby said no.
This actually surprised me - I thought that was a pretty memorable summer. Yes, I did take photos, but have not brought myself to scrapping photos of up close baby mice - ewwww! However, if I had those photos scrapped and in an album where Abby could see them, I am certain she would remember. Abby always asked if we could get Brooke if we needed a sitter.
I want to make sure our kids will never forget Marv. He has been their adopted grandpa for too many years, and have watched them grow up. When Kyle was baptized of his own accord they were there to witness Kyle's new step of spiritual faith at age 5.

Abby doesn't give out hugs readily, and I will never forget the joy Marv felt when Abby gave him a hug one night after bible study, as they prepared to leave. Perhaps it was Marv's birthday... I cannot recall, but she hasn't done it since. She did, however, get pretty close to him for a photo today, and with a smile!

And although Jesse has been pretty quiet about Marv's illness, I know it must be very hard for him on the inside. Marv and Jesse used to meet three times a week. Mondays, at our small group study; Tuesday mornings - with a men's group, and on Friday's Marv used to meet Jesse at his workplace for either breakfast or lunch. I know the non-structured conversations are that which Jesse's is really missing right now, but there are some things that probably will not return to "the way it was". I am happy that we now have a pretty decent photo of Jes and Marv.

I took a few more pics today of Marv's new baby grandson as well...a few close ups of the little pudgies and piggies. I hope to share those soon since there are no faces. Since I did not ask, and therefore do not have permission, I won't be sharing photos of Marv's family ... but I cannot resist posting a few pics of little piggies and pudgies. Hopefully soon!

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