Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Poem Inspired

It's been a long time since God gave me a poem while in the shower. I've always thought mounting a voice recorder on the shower wall would be a good idea. I have to get out, quickly dry off, throw on my robe and rush to the kitchen table for some sort of handy scrap paper and writing utensil - even a crayon if that is all readily available.

The flow and thoughts come easily Tuesday morning, in the peacefulness of a shower, but quickly dissipate when bombarded by children's questions when I get out. Abby was eager to share her latest journal entry and drawing, but I had to ask her to wait until I was done scribbling the skeleton form of this poem on paper. Obviously I was inspired by our Monday evening bible study and Marv's thoughts. This poem is dedicated to Marv, and of course I have a vision for a little 6x6 picture book to go with it. I plan to create it by Christmas, but first, have some photos to obtain. Here is my poem - perhaps you have someone whom you can relate this poem to.


Oh man of simple faith
like a child so highly prized
by God who welcomes all His children
whose hearts have changed for Him. (Mthw 18:3)

Oh man of simple faith
says the bible need not defend;
each morn he wakes, puts on armor of God
to protect him while on earth. (Eph. 6:11)

Oh man of simple faith
sees no need for books of scholar;
he reads the Word as spiritual Truth,
and needs to know no more. (Rom 6:4)

Oh man of simple faith
is a man of written words;
he pens what God has revealed,
and shares it with the world. (Mthw 7:24; Rev. 21:5)

Oh man of simple faith
when death knocks at his door
holds steadfast to his claim,
and feels God’s love surround. (Ps 112:7)

Oh man of simple faith
when your task on earth is done
you will go to Zion, and God will say,
“well done my faithful son.” (Mthw 25:21)

This man of simple faith
leaves a legacy to his name,
and all who share his simple faith
will rise, and meet again. (1 Thess 4:17)

R. Shimniok 11-1-2009

Scripture ties in with each verse. Next Wednesday Marv's children are gathering to meet with Hospice to go over what they can expect the future to hold. Apparently, because Marv's family is blended, there has never been a photo taken of him with his children. How sad it would be for him to pass, and not have such a photo. Of course I volunteered to take the photo, and would like to use it for the "share it with the world" verse as Marv has been diligent about sharing the message of the gospel with his family members. I admit, I am a bit nervous about taking the photo. It will be an indoor shot in their basement apartment. Guess I better practice with ambient lighting this weekend! I will only get perhaps 3 shots at getting this right, as I have a small window to get in and get out before the meeting starts. Afterwards, Marv's children - all grown up like me - have jobs to return to. And my guess is the mood will be a bit down - not exactly up for photo taking.

If you all could keep me in prayer as I prepare to take this once in a lifetime shot I would appreciate it!

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